birddi (birddi) wrote,

Fanmix // Merry Christmas from the ISS Enterprise

Title: Merry Christmas from the ISS Enterprise
Artist: Birddi 
Series: STXI Mirror Verse 
Rating: Standard Parental Advisory Notice 
Warnings: Music that may be harmful to your health. 
Link to Art:
It's an ISS Christmas Mix for the K/S Advent Submission. I doubt that there's ever been a christmas mix quite like this before mostly becaue I doubt anyone was cracked out enough to try it. The Mirror!verse isn't poltically correct, it isn't nice, and any holiday spirit is found in the screams of others. The music is for the musically tolerant, a mix of rock music, dubstep, remixes, and assorted genres that's a reflection on what a christmas in a futuristic distopia would be like.
Tags: fandom, fanmix, star trek
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